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Client Testimonials

Injury prevention for runner

I’d Just like to say thank you Jason for all your help, you truly have worked miracles.

Having played football for many years, the time came to hang up the boots so I decided to get into something new – running. I had been doing ok until some old football injuries reared their ugly head, which basically meant I could only run once a week, whatever the distance, without pulling a calf. No good when you are planning to run a marathon!

After speaking with Jason, who reassured me that something could be done about it – rather than constantly strapping them up and carrying on regardless, I had my first session.

I was surprised at how thorough he was; not only concentrating on my injured areas but assessing me as a whole and giving advice on exercises I could do at home with the use of aids such as a foam roller and something called a ‘prostretch’.

I have been going to See Jason for the last 9 weeks, and can honestly say it’s made a huge difference. I’m now running 5 days a week with no sign of the injury, my times are getting better and I’m able to run further – all of which I didn’t think was possible.

Although I no longer have the issues I came to see Jason with in the first place, I will continue as running 5 days a week still takes its toll on my legs, and I find it very relaxing and therapeutic to have a sports massage as it frees all my aches and pains – ready for the next week of my programme!!

Thank you for helping me achieve my goals, it’s very much appreciated…



Licensee back pain relief

I’d I am a licensee of a busy pub restaurant and work many hours. As a result of this I have ongoing disc problems in my back. I was struggling somewhat one day just getting through my daily chores, as often happens when Jason came to my rescue.

I laid face down and off to work he went, initially I was a little scared because of the pain I encounter, slowly but surely I was pacified by his technique and explanations throughout , I could feel the deep tissue massage begin and the 'fixing' process was on its way. I sat up slowly expecting pain......... No no pain I just knew that I had had work done .

I went straight back into my kitchen to work as if nothing had been wrong, later yes I won't lie I ached a little from the work, but that is a lot different to the word pain. I cannot wait until my next session Thank you Jason I'm happy for everybody you fix

keep up the great work you do and good luck Forever grateful