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Remedial Massage Treatments

Remedial massage techniques are used to treat muscular dysfunction, which can often be due to tightness, shortening or overstretched and torn muscles. 
The term "Sports Massage" is often used, but is a bit misleading as the treatment is not just for sports people. 
The fact is we all suffer from aches, pains and injuries that can be effectively treated with remedial massage. Just because you happened to be running when injuring a muscle makes it no different to injuries caused by gardening or long-term pain/stiffness caused by poor posture at your desk or carrying a rucksack over one shoulder every day.

Our remedial treatments are individually tailored to you - there is no one size fits all. On your first consultation, we will assess your posture and range of motion as well as discuss your lifestyle. This helps us build a full picture to assess the problem and treat you using the most relevant remedial massage techniques, which include:


Soft Tissue Release - is a form of manipulation that helps to stretch and lengthen shortened muscle tissue. Shortened muscles will cause poor range of motion in the body and restrict movement.

Muscle Energy Technique - is a form of passive and active stretching performed on the muscles.

Myofacial Release - is a treatment that stretches and releases the body's connective tissue called fascia, this surrounds our muscles, tendons, ligaments and soft tissues. You will have seen some fascia tissue yourself when pulling the skin off of a chicken breast.

Deep Tissue Massage - This is what many people associate with "Sports Massage". In years gone by and still with some lesser-qualified therapists, this was all you would get. Often people say they've had deep tissue massage and it was painful, although it can be a bit uncomfortable, it should not be painful. Pain causes muscles to tense up and therefore stops us manipulating the soft tissues correctly.

Kinesiology taping - 
Often known by some of the tape brand names, K-Tape, Rock Tape and Tiger Tape, 
you probably noticed this often brightly coloured taping on athletes at the 2012 Olympics. Although mostly seen on people in the sporting environment, it is hugely effective at relieving pain and inflammation and preventing further injury.

  • Soft Tissue Release
  • Muscle Energy Technique
  • Deep Tissue Massage
  • Myofascial Release
  • Kinesiology Taping

Remedial Massage

Feel Good Fridays drop-in clinic

If you are 60 or over, join us at our Kingston clinic
for discounted massage treatments (Massage, Yoga, and Exercise Classes).

These treatments and classes will help treat aches and pains, as well as increase your mobility and range of movement to improve your lifestyle

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